Food safety guidelines on dog food feeders: Fromms

Dog food is no longer a safe source of dog food for humans.

FDA has issued a new rule requiring dog food companies to label their ingredients on their packaging and to add information about the safety of the food.

Dog food products that contain human-derived ingredients must be labeled with a statement that this is a human-made product, as well as the ingredient’s amount of human-based ingredients.

This statement must also be made by the dog food manufacturer, which can include an information sheet on how to read and understand the ingredient label, including the ingredient list, ingredients and nutrition information.

The company must also provide an explanation of how the food is made and how it is prepared. 

A dog food product made from ingredients that are not labeled in accordance with the FDA’s new guidance, or that have human-related ingredients, must also have a statement on the label that explains the nature of the ingredients. 

The FDA also will not require that dog food be labeled in conjunction with a dog food that is specifically designed for humans only.

Dog food ingredients should be listed on the packaging as either ingredients, such as sugar, corn starch or corn meal, or as total feed ingredients, like dog food ingredients.

Dog food ingredients are generally considered “meat-based” ingredients and should not be listed as animal-based.

The agency’s new rules will also apply to dog food products made from products derived from animals. 

“This new regulation requires manufacturers to make a greater effort to provide consumers with information about ingredients and safety of food products,” said the FDA in a statement.

“The agency encourages companies to provide additional information about animal ingredients on labels and to ensure that consumers can easily identify ingredients that may be of concern.” 

The new rules are effective January 1, 2020, for dog food manufacturers, but manufacturers may have to apply for a waiver from the FDA. 

If you have questions about the new food safety rules, call the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1778.

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