Dog food ingredients are worth £60bn

article Dog food is a staple of modern life and its popularity is increasing year on year, with the amount of food eaten by dogs increasing by around 100% every year.

The amount of dog food sold by UK businesses has increased by around 5% every month since 2010, according to research by consumer advocacy group Dog Food Watch.

The group has released the results of its annual Dog Food Scorecard, which aims to put a face on the billions of pounds of dog foods sold in the UK.

It’s estimated that the UK food industry spent £60 billion in the year to May 2018, with £26.6 billion going into pet food and food ingredients.

A number of pet food brands have already released dog food products for the first time.

A brand like Paws and Loves, which is a joint venture between American brand Paws & Loves and German pet food company Böse, released its own dog food last year, while the UK’s largest dog food company, Lox, announced its own brand of dog biscuits.

But what about the other ingredients that make up the majority of dog and cat food, and what’s their impact?

We asked three experts in the industry to reveal what they think are the most common ingredients in dog and pet food, how they affect the health of pets and what can be done to reduce the amount that’s used.

In a nutshell:Dog food ingredients used to contain:Bacillus subtilis, which causes gastroenteritis and diarrheaDog food ingredient names used to be:Bifidobacterium, a common gut bacterium that helps digestionDog food formula:Wheat flour, which helps digest the starch in wheat, barley and ryeBifido, a bacterial food ingredient that helps reduce food spoilageDog food product labels used to have a number of different names, including:Pectin, which contains an ingredient called pectin which helps keep a dog’s gut healthyDicalcium phosphate, which acts as an ingredient that aids digestionDog foods used to use:Whey, which makes up 90% of dog productsProtein, which comes from grasses, legumes, dairy products and meatFibre, which provides fibre for the gutFibres are one of the most abundant nutrients in the human diet, and can help prevent weight gain and promote healthy growth and development in children.

The most commonly used dog and cats food ingredients were:Methionine, a natural amino acid that’s also found in some fruits and vegetablesBifida, which can make dogs more activeDietary fibre, a protein-rich ingredient that’s found in a variety of foodsDog food used to include:Mealtime enrichment, which has added nutrients like fibre and vitamins to the dietDog food contained:Folic acid, an essential vitamin that helps protect against the effects of the common cold and the common flu

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