A dog food company that makes a dog’s best friend out of human feces

A company that claims to make the best dog food in the world is making the worst dog food out of a human’s feces.

In a video posted online on Sunday, a company called The Dog Food Company said it had developed a dog food that’s better for dogs, but only for human beings.

The video is part of a series of posts that the company made on its website.

It claims the best canine food, which is named for a British breed of dog, is made by using only dog feces.

Dog food companies often claim that their products are better for the dogs.

The best dog diet, by contrast, is usually formulated by a vet.

But a recent study from the nonprofit Food and Brand Alliance found that the best human food, when compared to dog food, is significantly less nutritious and less nutritious than dog food.

Dog foods are the foundation of many modern diets, but the studies found that dog foods are about 40 percent less nutritious, according to the study, which was published online Monday in the journal Science.

“A diet made up of a lot of dog food is just not as nutritious as a diet made out of just a few human food sources,” said Amy Pappas, an associate professor of animal sciences at the University of Iowa.

Pappas has studied the nutritional composition of dog foods for years and has found that they often contain too much sugar, salt and other additives.

Her research has shown that a dog can have a 50 percent or more higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a leading cause of death in the U.S.

A diet that includes dog food will contain significantly more sugar than a diet that does not include dog food and has about the same amount of fiber.

Powdered dog food with no meat, like dog food made by Dog Food Co., is the most nutritious, said Pappins research associate Julie Farkas.

Pappin says powdered dog food often contains too much fat and protein, as well as a large amount of salt.

She also said that powdered dog foods, especially when added to food to make them more palatable, can add artificial colors and flavors to a dog meal.

The study found that about a third of the dog food used in the study had more than 1 percent of the animal proteins found in a dog.

The dog food maker, Dog Food Products, says it has never tested its products for safety, but it does have a zero-tolerance policy for foodborne pathogens.

In the video, Dog and Hound Food Co. also claims that its food is formulated with the healthiest ingredients available.

The company, which makes only the cheapest dog food available, also said its products are more nutritious than other dog food makers, and they’re the safest for your dog.

Pappy and Co., which also makes the cheapest, said it has a zero tolerance policy on food safety.

The video posted Sunday was made possible by the sponsorship of the nonprofit food and beverage group The Food Alliance, which works to end food waste in the food industry.

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