Why are you still eating so much gelatine?

Anya Hägglund, a product manager for Anya, the Finnish food company that owns Kinetic, the dog food that won the 2016 Michelin-starred Michelin Guide Awards, tells us that gelatines are still a huge part of the food we eat.

“Gelatin has been around for thousands of years, it’s just one of the many ingredients that we use,” she says.

“But I think that it has become more and more important over the last five or six years, and it’s a great food for the environment, it is a great source of protein, and we are really proud of the way that it is made.”

In the years since the Michelin guide was awarded in 2015, a new gelatini craze has taken hold.

“The popularity of gelatins is a really interesting thing because the gelatina has been so long that it’s easy to forget that it was just a very special ingredient,” says Häglund.

“So the demand has exploded.”

The demand for gelatinis has also spread to other foods, like potato chips, cheese, and cheese curds, as well as products like coffee and chocolate.

While many people will still eat gelatin-based products like gelato and sorbet, a growing number of food companies are now focusing on other types of food.

Häggldt is excited about the future of gelatin.

“We’re seeing gelatinas becoming more and a bigger part of our diet, because gelatinos have such a high nutritional value,” she explains.

“You can eat more gelatino than any other food.

You can even eat gelato without a glass of milk.”

In addition to its nutritional value, gelatinemel is also the world’s most popular food starch, which is used in food preservation.

“It’s very difficult to preserve food with gelatint,” explains Hälllund.

“You can’t just cut the gelato up and then throw it in the oven.

The starch is very hard to preserve.

So we use it in so many different ways.”

To preserve food for future generations, Hällund says that we should all be doing our part to save our food supply.

“To conserve the gelatonin in food, I think the world needs to make a lot more efforts,” she tells us.

“There’s a lot of research and development that needs to happen in the food industry, and I think we should be supporting companies like Kinetic who are making that happen.”

You can follow Anya’s latest product launches at the links below.

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