Halo Dog Food

Dog food companies have responded to a viral video showing them serving up dog food.

According to the viral video, dog owners in Japan are having trouble finding dog food because they have to order their dog food from their home country.

A woman called Kyokushin Shima, who said she lives in the Japanese city of Nagoya, posted a video on her Facebook page last week, where she said she ordered dog food for her 10-year-old lab, Juri, who had to be hospitalized due to a severe case of pneumonia.

The video shows Kyokuhin Shimas staff asking the customer to send the order by post.

The customer is shown on the video ordering food for Juri from a nearby convenience store.

The employee then takes the customer’s phone, which was holding a receipt from the grocery store, and asks the customer if she wants to pay by cash.

The staff asks the woman if she can use her credit card to pay the bill.

When Kyokunas staff asks if the customer can use cash, the customer says, “No thanks.”

The customer says “No way,” and leaves the restaurant.

According the Japanese news site Yomiuri Shimbun, the video has garnered more than 8.7 million views and received over 12,000 comments.

“It is quite a problem,” Yomiura resident Takako Morimoto told Yomiuriyo Shimbou, adding that her own family had not eaten dog food since they moved to Nagoya two years ago.

“When you have children, it is better to have their food at home.”

Morimoto said she wanted to send a message to other Japanese families to be prepared to wait for their dog to get the proper food before ordering.

The viral video of the customer ordering dog food is not the first time that people have been posting videos of them ordering dog products online.

In August, a video uploaded to YouTube showed an unnamed woman eating dog food while her daughter waited in line for a hamburger.

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