Switching dog treats to dog food

People are taking the leap from dog food to dog treats and switching to alternative pet foods, according to a new report from the Consumer Reports Dog Food Research Institute.

The pet food industry is seeing a surge in demand for alternative dog food brands and has set its sights on more than just dog food in this market.

“The market for alternative pet food brands has exploded,” said Laura Schott, a co-author of the report and a senior marketing analyst with the company.

“We see more than 30 brands in the market today, including a lot of the smaller brands, as well as the large brands that are really established.

We’re seeing more than $20 billion in sales per year in alternative pet nutrition.”

The industry has seen a surge of interest in alternative dog foods over the past year, fueled in part by a lack of consistency and quality across the options available.

According to the report, “Consumers have switched from buying conventional dog foods to purchasing alternative dog nutrition.

That means they’re switching from brands that offer a consistent and consistent assortment of ingredients and brands that have been vetted for their pet food safety and effectiveness.””

There’s a lot more competition than there was last year,” said Schott.

“I think the competition is coming from a lot different directions.”

Schott also pointed to the growing number of new alternative petfood companies in the U.S. as evidence that pet food manufacturers are looking to diversify their offerings.

“A lot of new companies are popping up all over the country and all over America.

They’re all competing for the same market,” she said.

“They’re competing for consumers and they’re competing to get a better product.”

“It’s all about differentiation,” she added.

“You can’t get a dog food if it’s all the same.”

Schot also pointed out that people have been looking to change their dog food.

“There’s an opportunity for people to look for new brands, to find out what is best for their dogs,” she explained.

“So the pet food world has seen an opportunity to diversifying and getting into different markets.

It’s been a really great year for pet food innovation, for the industry, and it’s also been a good year for the consumer.”

The report, titled “Dog Food Alternatives: Consumers and the Future of Dog Food,” is available here.

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