When to feed your pup – when it comes to food

Dog food companies have come under fire over the last year after an online petition calling for better dog food came to light.

The petition, which was signed by more than 1,400 people, called for the UK Government to ban the sale of dog food containing artificial ingredients and insisted that all dog food should be tested to ensure the food is safe for humans.

Dog food manufacturers have been criticised for using ingredients that are harmful to humans including the ingredient algae extract.

As the petition received support from around the world, dog food manufacturers had to release a statement to the BBC about their food.

A spokesman for the manufacturers said: “We are constantly testing our food to ensure it meets our quality and safety standards and we do not use any ingredients that could potentially harm humans.”

We also ensure that our products are safe for dogs to eat and that we do our best to ensure that the ingredients are safe.

“The petition also demanded that all UK dog food be tested for algaiac acid, which is also found in dog food.

A spokesman for Canning Ltd, which manufactures dog food in the UK, said that the company “does not use algaleac acid in our dog food”.

A spokeswoman for Cannery said that its dog food was tested by independent laboratories and the results were “sufficient for us to label our product as safe for dog and human consumption”.

In January, a petition calling on the UK to ban dog food made its way to the UK Parliament. “

We will continue to work with the Government on this matter,” the spokesman added.

In January, a petition calling on the UK to ban dog food made its way to the UK Parliament.

According to the petition, the product contains a mixture of artificial ingredients, including algaea extract, that is harmful to dogs.

It was signed “by thousands of dog owners and dog lovers, including a former dog owner” and claims the product has been linked to “health and welfare problems in humans”.

The petition called on the Government to “take immediate action to ban algales and algalfeeds from dog food and other food products”.

The UK Government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) confirmed to the Independent that it had been contacted by the petition.

However, the regulator declined to comment.

Last month, the UK Food Standards Authority (Fsa) confirmed that it has been contacted in relation to the Petfood petition.

The regulator confirmed that “we received a number of complaints about a dog food label” and that it is “reviewng the matter”.

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