Dog food makers’ prices dropping, but dog owners will still pay

Dog food prices are dropping for the first time in several years as companies try to get the cost of dog food down to consumers.

The latest figures from the Pet Food Manufacturers Association show the average price of a single-serving meal dropped to $3.14 per serving in January.

That’s up from $2.86 in December and $2 a year ago.

The association said that’s the lowest price since June 2008, when prices were higher than they are now.

Prices are also down for some dog food brands.

The American Academy of Pediatrics said in a statement that the decrease in the average cost of pet food was driven by increased marketing and the introduction of more ingredients to meet changing health and food safety requirements.

It’s also the second consecutive month that the average daily cost of feeding a dog dropped below $1.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials reported earlier this month that prices have fallen for two of the biggest U.S. pet food manufacturers, General Mills Co. and Safeway Co. A number of pet foods and pet foods for cats and dogs are under price pressure, said Lisa S. Boulanger, a vice president of food policy and research at the American Academy for Pediatrics.

But she said the pet food industry is trying to lower prices for pet owners and their dogs by adding new ingredients and improving quality.

“The consumer has had enough,” she said.

“I think the consumer has decided that, if we’re going to continue feeding people dogs that are going to be healthy, we’re not going to tolerate price inflation.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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