Beef dog food brand has been hit by a recall

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is warning dog food brands that the product they are using in their packaging could be contaminated with bacteria and/or potentially dangerous levels of ammonia.

The FSA has issued a recall for brands including Dog Food Express, Dog Food Plus and Dog Food Australia, which have been linked to an ammonia leak that can cause health problems.

The company behind the products has said the product has been tested and confirmed safe.

The products were supplied to retailers, and are being recalled due to concerns about contamination.

Dog Food India, Dog Foods International and Dogfood Australia have been affected.

Dogfood India said it has not received any reports of illness or death.

The Food Quality Australia and Associated Industries Association said the affected products could cause “potentially serious health problems” and advised consumers to contact their healthcare provider.

The FCA said the recalled products can be found in the following sizes and colours: 50g – 1lb.

size, 50g-1lb.

– 1kg.

size (5-pack) Dog Food Limited Dog Food USA, Dogfood Limited, DogFood International, Dog Feed International, Inc, Dogfeed USA, Inc. Dog Feed Australia Inc. and Dogfeed Australia Inc, Petfood USA, Pet Food Inc. The product was manufactured by Dogfood International Ltd and sold by Dog Food International Limited, Inc., Dogfood Plus Limited, LLC, Dogfence Ltd, DogFeed Limited, Ltd, &c.

The recall includes the following products: 50lb – 1 lb. size Dog Food Ltd Dogfood USA Inc Dogfood Inc, Inc Dogfenced Ltd Dogfeed Inc Dogfeed Plus Ltd, Inc Petfood Plus Ltd Dog Food Inc, Ltd.

Petfood Limited Inc, LLC.

Dogfeed Ltd, Ltd., Inc. Petfence Inc., LLC.

PetFence Inc. LLC.

Packed Pet Food Dogfood Ltd Dogfences Dogfood, Inc

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