How to Make a Homemade Kidney Dog Food: What you need to know

Did you know that one in every two Americans is currently on the road to a kidney transplant?

The fact is, the likelihood of a kidney being transplanted to a person who is on the list of the top 10 million people in the world is close to one in three, and one in four Americans are on the transplant list.

And while the odds are slim, the potential for kidney failure and death are far greater than the average American.

To keep these facts in mind, we’re putting together a list of 10 of the best homemade dog food recipes to help keep your dog healthy and on track for a kidney or two.1.

The Real Kidney: Made with rice and vegetables2.

The Kidney Soup: Rich with protein and fiber3.

The Bone-In Kidney Chow: Made from bone broth and made with chicken, carrots, onions and herbs4.

The Liver and Liver Soup: A broth and a soup combining the flavor of the liver and the liver, as well as a rich broth with the vitamins and minerals of the heart5.

The Bloody Liver Chow: An all-natural broth that tastes like liver and is made from a combination of bone broth, liver, and vegetables.6.

The Blue-and-White Kidney Bowl: A simple, creamy, and hearty soup made from chicken, spinach, carrots and onions, with a combination broth made from bones, chicken broth, and spinach.7.

The Heart-Thumping Liver Bowl: An oatmeal-like soup made with vegetables and a broth made with heart and bone broth.8.

The Whole Liver and Soul Bowl: This hearty soup with chicken and chicken broth combines the flavor and texture of a whole chicken, chicken soup, and bone-in chicken broth.9.

The Chicken Liver Bowls: The perfect way to make a hearty, hearty soup.

This recipe makes a bowl of soup that will satisfy even the most demanding dog.10.

The Dog Food of the Day: Made by the creator of The Real Dog Food, the recipe we’ve all been dying to try.1) Kidney Food: Made in a microwave with rice, vegetables, and chicken2) Kidneys: Made using the same recipe for chicken soup that we use for bone broth1,000 calories and zero fat3,000-6,000 IU of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D4,000 mg of calcium and 800 mg of magnesium5,000 mcg of fiber, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, and zinc6,500 mg of protein, vitamin A5,200 mg of fiber and 10 mg of potassium, zinc, and manganous3,500 mcg protein, potassium4,200 mcg calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B6,400 mcg magnesium, zinc7,400 mg protein, calcium, magnesium8,000mg vitamin A9,000mcg protein10,000g fiber11,000+mcg calcium12,000++mcg magnesium13,000+++mcg vitamin B12.5 mcg vitamin C14.5 mg vitamin A15.5+mcgs calcium16.5mg vitamin D17.5 magnesium18.5 iron19.5 zinc20+ mcg zinc21.5 potassium22.5 calcium23.5 vitamin B24.5 copper25+ mcgs copper26.5 vitamins A, C, D, and B27.5 Vitamin B12

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