Dog food brands evolve to protect their brands

Dog food makers have come a long way in recent years.

But some are still wary of adopting a new product or technology that could cause them to lose customers.

Here are some of the more notable dog food changes since 2016.1.

Kroger introduced a new breed of dog food to combat the rise of the Malamute, a small, short-haired breed that’s more popular in China.2.

Kellogg’s made its dog food even more nutritious by incorporating a “high-quality” protein blend, according to the company.3.

Frito-Lay has been working on a “meaty, protein-rich” dog food that’s designed to improve meat consumption by dogs and cats.4.

In a move that’s set off a firestorm of criticism, Nestle launched a brand of “superior dog food” that boasts that it contains 50% more protein, according the Wall Street Journal.5.

Furlong Foods announced that it would be bringing back the “world’s best dog food,” as it’s known by its Canadian name, “Bubble.”6.

Kraft, the company behind the popular Kraft Dinner, has announced that the company is making a new dog food in response to the growing popularity of dog foods made with meat.7.

In August, PepsiCo announced that they are rethinking their dog food offerings, as they want to be more selective about what they use in the food.8.

Tyson Foods announced the creation of “high quality” dog foods for cats and dogs.9.

PETA’s Dog Foods Campaign said that it is “furious” at the decision by Kraft to keep the dog food brand “Buckaroo.”10.

Burger King has made a change to its dog-centric dog food by introducing a protein-packed “baked potato.”

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